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To ensure your vehicles are delivered securely, safely and in pristine condition, covered transport is essential. G Transport has a full fleet which can accommodate moves from a single car through to 8 cars and beyond.


We are fully insured with cover of up to £3m for your vehicle. This can be increased if needed to suit your requirements. We can also arrange air and sea freight and take care of all the necessary documentation including Carnets.

Our covered car transport services include:

  • Secure. Security is often key with transportation in order to guarantee the safe arrival of your vehicle.
  • High Value
  • Classic & Vintage
  • Prototypes
  • Pre-Release models
  • Relocations
  • Race cars
  • Track days
  • Film & Promotional vehicles
  • Trucks - Low approach loading, winches, secure tracked

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Why Choose Us

Tailored Service

We work around our customers needs. With no set routes we can deliver customised routes and timed deliveries to suit our clients.

Worldwide Delivery

We work across the UK, Europe and Worldwide and can have our specialist technicians sent to any site as required. Our staff are trained to carry out thorough handovers onsite on arrival.

Fully Trained Drivers

All of our drivers are all fully trained in customer service and can be on location with the vehicles for as long as required.

Cost-Effective Vehicle Movement

For more than two decades, at G Transport we have worked with businesses across the UK, Europe and Worldwide such as London and Bedfordshire. Our covered transport service is cost-effective and we can cater our service to the specific requirements of your business.

Whether you are looking to move a single vehicle or multiple vehicles to your required destination, our extensive fleet of delivery vehicles allows us to fulfil all of your needs.

Extensive Industry Experience

Our team has extensive industry experience and we have worked with the likes of Tesla, Peugeot and Toyota to transport prestige and prototype vehicles as well as vehicles for advertising campaigns.

To discuss your specific needs with a member of our team, do not hesitate to contact us today.

Secure & Tracked Deliveries

Our entire vehicle fleet is fitted with cameras and real-time tracking systems to ensure the safe and punctual delivery of your vehicles. This allows us to ensure that all of our customers are kept informed about the progress of the location of their vehicles.