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From James Bond to Jurassic Park, G Transport have amassed a wealth of experience in car transportation and location support for the film, TV and photographic industry.

Whether you need cars brought to set, returned once filming has finished, set up ready for a shoot, or just generally looked after while you concentrate on other aspects of filming, we are here to help.

Our fully-trained staff will arrive on set ready to help set up the vehicles for your shoot. They can stay on set for any length of time required and ensure that the vehicles are ready when you need them to be, around the clock.

  • Covering UK and Europe. Whether your location is situated in the UK, Europe or beyond, we have the transportation and the knowhow to get your cars where you want them, when you want them.
  • Studio work. We have fully experienced prep staff/technicians who can assist should you want to shoot your videos in a studio location. From simply keeping the vehicles clean to removing seats, doors and windscreens if necessary.
  • Showroom condition. Whether for TV or film, corporate video, brochure or poster, your cars will arrive in showroom condition using G Transport’s bespoke transporters.

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Why Choose Us

Tailored Service

We work around our customers needs. With no set routes we can deliver customised routes and timed deliveries to suit our clients.

Worldwide Delivery

We work across the UK, Europe and Worldwide and can have our specialist technicians sent to any site as required. Our staff are trained to carry out thorough handovers onsite on arrival.

Fully Trained Drivers

All of our drivers are all fully trained in customer service and can be on location with the vehicles for as long as required.

Covered Vehicle Transport for Film & TV

Whether you're looking to have your vehicle transported to a film set, premiere or TV recording, at G Transport, we are able to meet all of your specific requirements. With more than two decades worth of industry experience, our team takes great pride in every vehicle move we undertake.

Enclosed Car Transport Service

From our location in Leighton Buzzard, we are able to offer a full and comprehensive covered transport service. For more information on your vehicle transport needs, please do not hesitate to contact us today for assistance.

Using our fleet of delivery vehicles, we can deliver a single vehicle or multiple vehicles to your required destination. Our transport vehicles include covered trailers, covered rigids, open trailers and more.

Fully Tracked Transportation

To give you complete peace of mind, all of our transport vehicles are fitted with cameras and real-time tracking devices to allow us to monitor the location of your vehicle at all times. Covered car transport also allows us to deliver your car or van privately and free of road dirt.