Fire Marshall Training with Branch Line Training

When it comes to training, we are committed to ensuring that our drivers have up-to-date relevant training that will enable them to deliver our great customer service.

As part of this commitment we welcomed Branch Line Training to run a bespoke Fire Warden Course for the whole team, as well as some of the staff who work in our yard.

The team took part in a whole day of training. They learnt about how to use fire extinguishers properly and how to make a fire risk assessment. Given the nature of our work we also spent time focusing on what to do in case of a vehicle fire and how tackling these may differ in certain situations. Essential for our drivers when they are out and about on moves.

As well as a chance for the team to have fun putting out fires and spend some time together the training gave us all practical skills that we will be able to use should the occasion arise.

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