Introducing the new trailer on the yard

When it comes to our vehicles moves we pride ourselves in making sure that the cars we move travel in style. Working on events, film and TV, often with classic, prototype or vintage cars, we know that these vehicles need specialist trucks to ensure a smooth and safe move.

This means that when we are looking to invest in a new trailer the 'off the peg' options don't usually fit the way we work.

Enter Belle Coachworks. We've worked with them on our trailers before and they've built us bespoke, custom-made trailers to our requirements.

This month we took delivery of our latest 6-car MK2 covered trailer. Not only does it look great alongside our resprayed Scania cab, it is custom made to our requirements. This trailer features electric motors for the top deck which also works on screws. The additionally designed drop wells give us better adjustment on the decks, and a much finer range of adjustment, making it perfect for the prestige and classic vehicles we move.

We're so pleased with it, it's out on the road already with trips to Monaco, Europe, and across the UK.

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