Setting the Standard for Film and TV Location Moves and Support

On a regular basis G Transport are asked to support photographic and location work for motor manufacturers and production companies. With over 20 years of hands on experience we have travelled literally all around the world. From North Africa to Norway, the Ukraine to Iceland, plus The USA, Australia and South Africa. Let’s be honest, it may be hard work, but we have been to some lovely places!

There is always a lot to prepare for these locations, often at quite short notice. Route planning, taking into consideration any travelling restrictions, permits, ferry crossings, carnets, customs agents and clearance; plus liaising with local production companies and agents in the countries we are travelling to.

The cars are understandably the stars of the show. They need to arrive on time, clean and in a suitable transporter. For instance, depending on the number of vehicles, sending an articulated lorry may not be the best idea if there are proposed shoot sites with limited access. Perhaps we would look at sending a draw bar which can be split down into a 2 car, giving the access required when needed, whilst allowing other cars to remain in the safety of the parked trailer. Or even use a one car transporter, or a van and trailer for the single car shoots. A van and trailer due to its maximum weight, does have advantage of being able to travel in European during most lorry bans!

Once on location, we will then look after the cars for the duration of the shoot. Whether they need to be kept clean, have doors or seats removed for camera angles, or even driven in shot, all our members of staff are experienced, willing and able to meet the client’s needs and help to achieve a successful outcome.

It could be the set for James Bond, Transformers, or the latest Jurassic Park film. T.V. commercials or stills for brochure and poster advertising, G Transport has the experience and expertise to meet every challenge, wherever that may be.

If you would like further details on the services we can offer for film and photographic work then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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