Hanging out with Ant and Dec and sharing some #SuzukiSurprise

When we're doing vehicles moves for TV or film it's always great to see the end result of filming. Days on set involve the delivery and movement of specialist vehicles. Our drivers are fully trained to handle the vehicles in their care during filming to ensure that they are where they need to be throughout filming.

Working with the team that filmed the recent #SuzukiSurprise - including Ant and Dec - really was a team effort. With most of our staff and trucks involved at some point during the shoot, we moved the red Suzukis that are used throughout the videos.

This video shows behind the scenes of the three surprises that were filmed. Picking up Rebecca the rugby player, Luke the fireman and Jemma the Supermum!

As part of the #SuzukiSurpise Ant and Dec gave away the cars at the end. At least that meant a lighter load on the way home! (Actually, sorry to spoil the magic/ruin the joke but they don't get to keep that exact car, they deliver them a brand new on after filming!)

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