Taking on the Transcaucasian Trail

It's always great to know that some of the moves that we do continue to have an impact even after we deliver.

This wonderful view was taken on the Transcaucasian Trail.

The Trail runs 1,500km through the Lesser Caucasus mountain range.

The expedition was put together to create a fully mapped hiking trail making this amazing landscape accessible to the local community and international hikers and geographers alike.

Find out more about the expedition here.

We were pleased to be able to help in a small way to make this possible by moving this specialist Land Rover Defender.

The Defender was specially adapted and equipped for the journey and given to the expedition as part of the Land Rover Bursary they won from the Royal Geographical Society.

Find out more about the Defender here.

We moved the Land Rover Defender in April 2016 but have kept up with its travels through social media. It is great to see it making its way thorugh the expedition and see what the team are up to.

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